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The word “OBVIOUSLY”

“Well, I obviously didn’t do that!”

Obviously that’s not how you do it!”

“There’s the father, obviously he’s overcome with emotion.”

I am sorry, but the world these days seems to have lost the meaning of the word obviously. 

Dictionary.com defines obvious as this:


1.  easily seen, recognized, or understood; open to view or knowledge; evident: an obvious advantage.

2. lacking in subtlety.
I realize that the word obvious and it’s adverbial form obviously are used to express oppinion, but some of these examples of misuse that I posted above are not easily seen, recognized, or understood.
“Well, I obviously didn’t do that!”  
This was exclaimed by a lady that I know as she explained to me the price of a certain type of paper. She was taking watercolor classes at the time, and had learned a technique that required a speacialty paper. She had gone to an art store, and after seeing the price, decided against getting it. She thought that this was easily recongnized. I did not. Being a patron of the arts myself, I knew that $26.00 for 10 sheets of that particular paper wasn’t a great deal, but it was a price that she seemed willing to pay due to her excitement over the work she produced in her class.  The way she narrated her story, I was almost sure she had bought that paper. This peeved me.
I have nothing against the word obvious or users of the word obvious, but I wish people would be aware that what they refer to as obvious may or may not be as easily seen to others.

Should schools control what kids eat for lunch?

I think that there are more important things they should be control. 

I think that they can try, though. They can try all they want. There is always going to be the kids that sneaks food in, eats in class. They can try all they want, but they have no control over that (yet).

The Start..

I have decided to become a “blogger”. I have decided I will not tell you how old I am, what gender I am, what I look like, or anything of this sort. I will tell you my opinions, my point-of-views, and, in general, what I think about the world. Read if you wish.

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